About to Die EP
1 About to Die
2 While You're Here
3 Here Til It Says I'm Not
4 Simple Request

Out November 6th, 2012 on DOMINO RECORDS.

Swing Lo Magellan
1 Offspring Are Blank
2 About to Die
3 Gun Has No Trigger
4 Swing Lo Magellan
5 Just From Chevron
6 Dance For You
7 Maybe That Was It
8 Impregnable Question
9 See What She Seeing
10 The Socialites
11 Unto Caesar
12 Irresponsible Tune

Out July 10th on Domino Records.


Limited Edition Swing Lo Magellan LP Vinyl
≥ Limited to 3000 Numbered Copies
≥ 180 Gram Vinyl
≥ Deluxe Tip-On Embossed Gatefold Sleeve
≥ 11" x 22" Embossed Fold-out
Lyric Tablet
≥ High Fidelity 24bit WAV files
+ MP3 Download Card

Gun Has No Trigger Tablet Of Values
≥ 8" x 8" Square Vinyl Single Pressed
on Tablet Thick Audiophile-Grade Vinyl
(equivalent to 200 GM @ 12")
≥ Limited to 1000 copies worldwide
(pre-order while supplies last)
≥ A Side Features Single
'Gun Has No Trigger' Cut @ 45 RPM
≥ B Side Features Sumerian Akkadian
Cuneiform Etching Of Complete
Lyrics Of "Gun Has No Trigger"
Translated By Dr. M. Wllis Monroe.

Mount Wittenberg Orca
1 Ocean
2 On and Ever Onward
3 When the World Comes to an End
4 Beautiful Mother
5 Sharing Orb
6 No Embrace
7 All We Are

Written, Arranged and Produced by David Longstreth
Performed by Nathaniel Baldwin, Björk, Amber Coffman, Haley Dekle, Angel Deradoorian, David Longstreth and Brian McOmber

Recorded at Rare Book Room, 4/28-5/1 2010 by Nicolas Vernhes
Assisted by Tom Gloady
Mixed by Nicolas Vernhes, with David Longstreth and Björk
Mastered by Joe Lambert

Mount Wittenberg trailers directed by Matthew Lessner
Photography by Jake Longstreth
Additional design by Rob Carmichael, SEEN

Björk thanks:
James Merry
Damian Taylor
David Beal
Derek Birkett
Scott Rodger
Mat Whittington

Dirty Projectors thanks:
Jake Longstreth
Niles Baldwin
Jake Friedman
Alec Bemis
Janey & Mike Heatherington
John & Carolyn Longstreth

Special thanks:
Laurence Bell, Harry Martin, Peter Berard,
Jonny Bradshaw and Morgan Lebus at Domino Records
Loren Chodosh
Steve Choo
Erin Potts and Air Traffic Control
Ian Rogers and TopSpin
Enric Sala and National Geographic Society
Brandon Stosuy and Stereogum
Jonathan Sulkow and Prod4Ever

In April 2009, Brandon Stosuy from Stereogum.com asked me if we wanted to play a benefit concert at a bookstore in New York. I said yes. He asked Björk the same thing, and she said yes. Then he asked us if we wanted to collaborate, and we said yes. Björk asked me what we should do, and I said, "I don't know, I guess I'd really love to write a bunch of new songs for us to sing together?" And she said Yes.
Bitte Orca
1 Cannibal Resource
2 Temecula Sunrise
3 The Bride
4 Stillness Is The Move
5 Two Doves
6 Useful Chamber
7 No Intention
8 Remade Horizon
9 Fluorescent Half Dome

Produced By David Longstreth
Recorded By Robbie Moncrieff at the Yale Union. Portland, OR
Additional Prodution by Nicolas Vernhes at the Rare Book Room, Brooklyn, NY
Drums Recorded by Brian Mcomber and David Longstreth at Flavorzone, Brooklyn, NY
Additional Vocal Recording at the Type Foundry, Portland, OR
Mixed by Nicolas Vernhes and David Longstreth
Mastered by Joe Lambert

All songs written by David Longstreth
Except 4 written by David Longstreth and Amber Coffman
All rights controlled and administered by Domino Publishing Co. LTD (PRS)/Domino Publishing Co. USA (ASCAP) in North America

Dirty Projectors:
David Longstreth
Amber Coffman
Angel Deradoorian
Brian Mcomber

Nat Baldwin plays Bass on 2,6.
Haley Dekle sings additional harmonies on 1, 2, 3, 8, 9

String Quartet on 4, 5, 8, 9:
Jordan Dykstra (DIR, VLA), Caleb Russell (VL), Andrew Todd (VL), Anna Fritz (C ). Contracted by the BCS

Original Cover Photo by Jason Frank Rothenberg
Album Layout by Rob Carmichael, seen Niezsche appears courtesy of University Library Frankfurt A.M./Archive Centre/ Schopenhauer Archive

Thanks to: Curtis Knapp, Aaron Flint Jamison, James Sumner, Adam Forkner, Jordan Dykstra, Jake Longstreth, Chris Taylor, Morgan Lebus, Paul Sommerstein, Andreas Oberschlep, Alec Bemis, Brian Long, Steve Schroeder, Lisa Coons, Mark Alan Goodman, Joyce Mcomber, Tristan Perich, Peter Sobieraj, Ben Brown, Pete Angevine, Ian Pellici, Erin Crowell, Laurel Knapp, Porque No?

Domino Records, 2009

Rise Above
1 What I See
2 No More
3 Depression
4 Six Pack
5 Thirsty and Miserable
6 Police Story
7 Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie
8 Spray Paint (The Walls)
9 Room 13
10 Rise Above
11 Untitled

David Longstreth: Singing, Guitar
Nat Baldwin: Bass and Upright Bass
Brian Mcomber: Drums
Amber Coffman: Singing, Guitar
Susanna Waiche: Singing
Charlie Looker: Guitar on 1-5, 7,8
Sam Hillmer: Flutes on 1,6
Chris Bear: Percussion on 1-5, 7,10; MPC on 2,3; Drums on 6
Chris Taylor: Tapes on 9
Sharon Nakhimovsky: Violins on 2,9
Yuki Aizawa: Violins on 2, 9
Ezra Seltzer: Cello on 9
Jessica Pavone: Viola on 9

Thank You: Greg Ginn, Chris Taylor, James Sumner, Curtis & Laurel Knapp, Angel Deradoorian, Spencer Kingman, Will Glass, Alex Farrill, Sam Hillmer, Rafter Roberts, Dave Sitek, Ezra Koenig, Rostam Batmanglij, Peter Edwards, Todd Patrick, BJ Rubin, Tristan Perich, Aaron Snow, Nick Lloyd, Adam Forkner, Honey Owens, Phil Waldorf, Brian Sampson, Ryan Craven, Micah Silver, Pies N Thighs, Jake Longstreth

Recorded at Flavorzone in Bedford-Stuyvesant,
Brooklyn, NY, December 2006 - January 2007
Produced & Mixed by Chris Taylor & David Longstreth
Mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering

Dead Oceans Records

New Attitude EP
1 Fucked For Life
2 Two Sheep Asleep
3 Imagine It
4 LIkeness of Uncles
5 Two Young Sheeps
6 Darkened Car
7 To The Mall
The Getty Address
1 I Sit On The Ridge At Dusk
2 But In The Headlights
3 Warholian Wigs
4 I Will Truck
5 D. Henley's Dream
6 Gilt Gold Scabs
7 Ponds & Puddles
8 Not Having Found
9 Tour Along The Potomac
10 Jolly Jolly Jolly Ego
11 Time Birthed Spilled Blood
12 Drilling Profitably
13 Finches' Song At Oceanic Parking Lot

David Longstreth, singing the role of Don Henley.
all arrangier, producing, engineering, drumming, percussing.
acoustic, electric and 12-string guitars on 2, 3, 4, & 7.
beer bottle flutes on 5 & 7
one-man choir on 10 & 12
Recorded in New Haven and Southbury CT and Portland OR, April 2003 - June 2004.

Lucy Greene, singing the role of Sacagawea Petrillo.
Recorded at the Hobart House in New Haven, CT; May 2003.

Brown Finch Choir:
(A) Song 1, Recorded at Pierson College Weight Room, Yale University; April 2003:
Meg Reuland, Cassie Kaufmann, Elizabeth Wilcox, Patricia Curtis, sopranos
Georgia Wyeth, Anya Meksin, Laura Hess, Emily Cheeger, altos

(B) Songs 5, 6 & 11, recorded at Dwight Chapel, New Haven, CT, May 2003:
Meg Reuland, Cassie Kaufmann, Elizabeth Wilcox, sopranos
Georgia Wyeth, Anya Leksin, Laura Hess, Emily Cheeger, altos

(C) Songs 4, 8, & 12 recorded at the Hobart house, May 2003:
Cassie Kaufmann, Soprano
Georgia Wyeth, Alto

Song 13, recorded at the Hobart House, May 2003:
Meg Reuland, Anya Meksin, Sopranos

Orchestral Society for the Preservation of the Orchestra:
Songs 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, & 10, recorded at Dwight Chapel, May 2003
Yasemin Shatz, flute
Emily Rostetter, oboe
Andrew Parker, english horn
Jennifer Taira, clarinet
Maria Jeletzcheva, bassoon
Kate Sheeran, horn
Joe Grimm, trumpet, trombone
Kamilla Arku, conducter

Ezra Seltzer, cello on 4, 11 & 12.
Recorded at Dwight Chapel, April 2003

Joe Grimm, the Wind-Up Bird, additional trombone & trumpet on 9 & 2.
Recorded at the Hobart House, May 2003

Dan Sobo, saxophone on 2, 9 & 13, clarinet on 9.
Recorded in New Haven, May 2003 & February 2004.

Jona Bechtolt, of Y.A.C.H.T., contributed him drum samples to 4, 8 & 9.

Add'tl percussion on 9:
*maracas sampled from "After Santa Monica Boulevard" from States Rights Records CT release Morning Better last! by "The Dirty Projectors."
*more hand claps sampled from "Dahlonegabama" from States Rights Records

Western Vinyl Records, 2005

Slaves' Graves & Ballads
1 Somberly, Kimberly
2 On The Beach
3 (Throw On) The Hazard Lights
4 Slaves' Graves
5 Grandfather's Hanging
6 We Are Swaddled
7 Hazard Lights (Reprise)
8 A Labor More Restful
9 Unmoved
10 Ladies, You Have Exiled Me
11 Because your Light is Turning Green
12 Obscure Wisdom
13 This Weather
14 Since I Opened

Dave Longstreth: singing, guitar
The Orchestral Society for the Preservation of the Orchestra (songs 1-7):
Yasemin Schatz: flute
Emily Rostetter: oboe
Hank Miller: clarinet
Sam Bernstein: horn
Elana Arian: violin
Jon Zalben: violin
Ezra Seltzer: cello
Adam Bloniarz: bass drum, maracas, triangle
Dave Longstreth: Conductor
Adam Forkner: Drums on 9, trumpet on 13, 14

"slaves' graves" was recorded in Dwight Chapel in New Haven, CT, December, 2002.

"Ballads" were recorded at dub narcotic studios in Olympia, WA with Adam, and Southbury, CT, July- August.

Western Vinyl Records, 2004

The Glad Fact
1 The Glad Fact
2 My Offwhite Flag
3 Like Fake Blood in Crisp October
4 Boredom is a Product
5 Two Brown Finches
6 Three Brown Finches
7 Off Science Hill
8 Winter is Here
9 Ground Underfoot
10 Spirit-Future Medley
11 Naked We Made It
12 Lit From Below
13 Imaginary Love
14 The Highway is a Foggy Knife
15 The Minutes

I am like the begrudgingly awakened,
For whom the sun is here to spite.

D-LO Longstreth is the Dirty Projectors. This album was recorded in January, May and August of 2002: all in the Dog Longneck Apartments in Southbury, Connecticut, except for 11 and 15, which were recorded in brother Longstreth's place in Portland, Oregon.

All songs and instruments and art by Dave Longstreth.
Layout by Jona Bechtolt.
Sam Bernstein plays French horn on 14.

Thank you: Steve, Adam, Jake, Jona, Aaron, Katy, Sam, and Brian.


write to D-Lo:
PO Box 1136
Southbury, CT 06488

Copyright 2003 Dave Longstreth